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It was one of those January weekends where you really wonder what made you decide to live in the north part of the country.  Temperatures not above zero and wind chills in the teens and twenties…below zero.  The sun was shining though, so we ventured out for brunch at a new restaurant in St. Paul.

Heirloom was a great way to take the chill off of a weekend morning!  We made early reservations, but the cold definitely was keeping people away.  We essentially had the place to ourselves for the majority of our meal.  Once people get word of this place, I would imagine those reservations would be more necessary.

We arrived and were seated in a “cozy” two-top away from the door and windows.  I ordered a cup of hot tea “Evening in Missoula” is always a favorite of mine.  Not sure what the hubs had to drink – he’s prone to ordering Mimosa’s and I seem to remember him doing that this time around as well.

We then started with a couple of pastries.  I had the Sourdough coffee cake and the hubs went with the apple and cheddar hand pie.  Both were appropriate servings to have on our own.  Though he did do a second hand pie since it was so tasty!  Both of the pastries were very good.  my coffee cake had some kind of sauce drizzled over it.  It kind of reminded me a bit of a bread pudding.

We then ordered our main entrees.  I had the Buttermilk Biscuits with sausage gravy and soft scrambled eggs.  The eggs were fabulous – buttery melt in your mouth type of eggs.  The biscuits were small and were tasty without the gravy.  The sausage gravy was not your typical white gravy with big chunks of sausage.  The sausage was reddish looking with small pieces of sausage.  The flavor was outstanding.  A very different take on what I think of as biscuits and gravy.  I would totally get it again!

Sadly I don’t remember what the hubs got for his main entrée.  I do know that he really enjoyed it as well.  He did order a biscuit for his dessert since he liked the look of my meal.

I definitely want to go back for both brunch and to try their dinner menu.  The dinner menu looks interesting and if you are not sure how you’d order from it, I think the idea is to order something from each of the different sections on the menu and make a tasting dinner out of the menu.  Never fear, the wait staff is fabulous and can help guide you through the menu if you are unsure.  You will be sure to find something you’ll enjoy and if you are open to it, maybe something new to try!

Happy Eating!


The Commodore Bar & Restaurant

We started off 2016 with several new restaurants.  So many that I didn’t do a great job of keeping up with them on the blog.  I’ll take a few days and try to get caught up before any new February restaurants need to be posted!

The Commodore Bar & Restaurant

Heather, the hubby and I tried an old but new restaurant in St. Paul’s Cathedral Hill area early in January.  The ambiance of the restaurant was fabulous.  I felt like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda would arrive at any time.  A great 1920’s vibe.