The Hasty Tasty

Memorial Day weekend began with a stop at The Hasty Tasty for a late lunch.  This is a relatively new restaurant (at least for me) in the LynLake area of Minneapolis.  Near Uptown, but easier street parking.

We entered the restaurant and it had a fun vibe to it – the bar seemed to be a focal point and would be a great place to hang if you were in the neighborhood.  We took a bar type table near a window that faced outwards.  Great for people watching!  They have some outdoor seating as well.  Given the 90 degree temps we are seeing this weekend and the higher humidity, we stayed with the nice AC and a window view.

The lunch menu is rather small, but definitely some winners on the menu!  The hubby was going to go with the pork sandwich, but I gently reminded him that they had mac and cheese on the menu and that is always a favorite.  He went with the “bubbling four cheese blend” mac and cheese and added smoked tofu.  The dish came out and was steaming hot with the tofu sprinkled across the top.  The tofu was actually not hot which made for an interesting combo – it worked well.  The hubby was very happy with the choice and would highly recommend it.

I went with a good old burger – angus beef, cheddar, worcestershire, b&b pickle, aioli.  This burger was amazing!  Juicy, flavorful and just the right amount of cheese, lettuce and aioli.  (I held off on the pickles.)  The burger came with a side of potato wedges.  The wedges were deliciously seasoned with a crispy skin.  The hubby thought they were cut a little too big and had too much inside.  I agree, but still managed to eat them all anyway.  I think this might be my favorite burger in the cities right now.  While we go to Miesville quite a bit for King’s Place burgers, I would argue this one was just as good if not better.  The hubby asked if it was better than the Parlour burger.  Hmm…not sure, may need to head back to Parlour to see.

This was a great lunch stop on our way to Mia to see the exhibit “Power and Beauty in China’s Last Dynasty: Concept and Design by Robert Wilson“.  I would highly encourage everyone to check out this exhibit before it closes on June 10th.  Amazing!  Oh and stop by The Hasty Tasty for a bite to eat!

Happy eating!


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