2016 Restaurant of the Year…

Heirloom was the winner for us and our choice for NYE!  A close second was Upton 43, which was picked as the local paper’s favorite of 2016.  We had a great time with our friend, formerly known as Reservations for One (RFO).  A bottle of Prosecco, a cheese plate and great entrees closed out 2016 in style.  If you haven’t tried Heirloom yet, please go!  Their weekend brunch is great and their dinners are fabulous too.

2016 was the year of restaurant closings.  Sadly we saw our favorite go to restaurant, Cafe Levain close not long after their long-time chef departed for a non-chef position at a local co-op.  Also closed/closing…Heartland, Brassiere Zentral, Piccolo and many others.  Some of which were past “restaurant of the year.”  I hope we haven’t doomed Heirloom.  Though, there is a season for everything as they say and I know that the owners/chefs at these now shuttered restaurants will be back doing something fabulous in the not too distant future.

Plenty of new restaurants to try for 2017…so never fear.  We’ll see how early we pick NYE 2017.  April was the earliest a few years ago.  Trying a new place in February with RFO.  Doubt we’ll be able to call it that early, but stranger things have happened…especially throughout the year we just went through.

Here’s to 2017!

Happy Eating!


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