Brassiere Zentral Closing

Sad foodie news today.  After not quite 2 years, Brassiere Zentral is shutting its doors.  This was our favorite restaurant of 2014 and where we spent our NYE that year.  Unfortunately we never made it there in 2015, though we did visit the associated wine bar Foreign Legion.  So many restaurants in the cities to try that we sometimes miss going back to good ones like this.  We did make it to Zentral 4-5 times in 2014, but 0 in 2015.  Maybe if we would have gone once during the last year…

It’s open until January 16th for those in the cities that want to give it a try.  Thankfully Russell Klein’s other restaurant Meritage is still doing well in St. Paul.  We had dinner there with a good friend of mine in December before going to the Ordway.  Klein was in the restaurant that evening, perhaps that was a foreshadowing of the news that hit the papers today.

Do me a favor, get to Meritage for brunch, dinner, or a late night snack.  Foreign Legion is also remaining open and will accept Brassiere Zentral gift cards.  Let’s make sure Klein’s cooking still continues in the Twin Cities!

Happy Eating!


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