Victor’s on Water

Finally a decent afternoon/evening in Minnesota.  We decided to head out for a drive and enjoy the countryside and grab an early dinner in Excelsior.  We went to Victor’s on Water Street in Excelsior.  It’s a relatively new restaurant and was definitely worth the 60+ mile round-trip drive.

We walked into the restaurant and we both were taken back to a restaurant in Australia.  Interestingly enough, we were thinking of different restaurants.  They both had a similar feel though.  Relatively small with a bar and open kitchen against the back.  It took a few minutes for them to escort us to our table, but we were seated against the window and had a prime people-watching view.  And in Excelsior, there are a lot of people to watch!  The area was busy with lots of groups of teenage girls walking around, people walking their dogs, and couples heading to various restaurants for dinner and a cocktail.

Inside Victor’s, we were perusing the menu to determine what to order.  The menu is Italian and they make their pasta onsite every day.  They had an extensive wine list and so I ordered a Malbec-blend while the hubby stuck with water (see mileage note above).

I ordered the Caesar Salad sans anchovies and the hubby ordered the Green salad radishes, sunflower seeds, farro, and white balsamic vinaigrette.  Our salads were delivered fairly quickly and were quite tasty.  My salad was a bit odd in that it had quite a bit of sea salt flakes on it.  Don’t get me wrong, salt is tasty but I think it was prepared with a heavy hand.

We both ordered pasta dishes.  I ordered the waitress-recommended pappardelle hand cut Bolognese, sautéed vegetables, and parmesan.  The hubby ordered the Uovo di Raviolo ricotta, egg yolk, jamon royale, and fava beans.  Both entrees were great and the pasta was definitely fresh!  My bolognese was a bit different than what I’m used to as it was pieces of short rib instead of a beef/veal/pork mixture.  Was very good though and the vegetables were a great addition to the dish.  Half of the dish came home with me; looking forward to leftovers at some point this weekend!

We decided to skip the dessert in favor of a great ice cream shop down the block called Licks Unlimited.  I ordered a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream in a cup and the hubby got the raspberry chocolate truffle in a waffle cone.  Neither of us veer too far off the beaten path with our ice cream choices.  I always figure that if you get the same ice cream at each place then you can better discern who has the best ice cream.  That’s my story anyway, and I’m sticking to it.

A great evening with good food.  We’ll be back to Victor’s at some point and the area has a number of other good restaurants to try.  Skip dessert at the restaurants though and saunter down to Licks for some great ice cream.  And then if you have time, continue walking over to the lake for a stroll.

Happy Eating!


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