2015 – Off and Running

I didn’t post much in 2014, but never fear – I didn’t give up trying restaurants!  In fact, we had many great meals in 2014.  We did some traveling too, so our meals included restaurants in Helsinki, Finland, Singapore, and Sydney, Australia.  In the States we also ate in Chicago, Phoenix, San Francisco, Champaign, and of course Minneapolis/St. Paul.

I can’t recap the entire year, but I can let you know that our favorite restaurant of 2014 was selected back in April.  We tried Brassiere Zentral one week after they opened in April.  Our meal was excellent and we were so confident that it would win our favorite of the year that we went ahead and made our New Year’s Eve Reservation for BZ in April.  Nothing surpassed it in the remaining months and so we kept our reservation for NYE.  Right before Christmas, Brassiere Zentral was named Minneapolis Startribune’s restaurant of the year as well.

We enjoyed closing out 2014 with one of our regular dinner companions and good friend Heather at Brassiere Zentral.  The one downside of the night was that we were seated in a booth right by the front door.  We were slightly annoyed as we felt that they should have noted in the reservation book that we were the first to reserve a table and they should have given us a bit of a better table.  We could have asked to move, but didn’t.  The service and food were great, it was a bit cold being that close to the door but we didn’t let it ruin the evening.

2015 has started out very well with new restaurants to try.  We also frequent some of our favorites quite a bit.  Cafe Levain is a solid restaurant that we find ourselves going to when we don’t necessarily want to try a new restaurant and be disappointed.  They recognize us there and know the hubby likes his polenta.

We have become a bit of a breakfast/brunch couple and have tried the following restaurants this year already:

Tiny Diner – We technically ate here in 2014, but it was so close to the new year that I’m going to count it.  We grabbed breakfast here during the week of New Year’s.  I had an awesome Breakfast Burrito with chorizo, bacon, eggs, cheddar cheese, spinach, fingerling potatoes, green chili sauce, and crème fraîche.  It had a bit of a kick to it, but nothing too spicy.

The Ettlins Cafe – We had breakfast on New Year’s Day at this cafe.  Awesome pancakes!  If you go, don’t get tricked into thinking you need the standard 3 pancakes.  These pancakes are each bigger than your head, so don’t order more than 2.

Tongue in Cheek – This east side St. Paul restaurant was a great find!  I had the Chorizo & Potato Hash which was served with scallions, poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce.  I asked for the sauce on the side and that was a great move as it really isn’t needed for the dish.  The flavoring of the fingerling potatoes, arugula and chorizo was spot on and the sauce would have just confused the taste buds.  The hubby had the Poached Eggs & Grits with chermoula, Parmesan and grilled bread.  We both managed to completely clean our plates.  We had to wait quite awhile between ordering and consuming, but it was worth the wait.

Looking forward to trying more restaurants this year and sharing reviews on this page.

Happy Eating!


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