Oregano’s – Peoria, Arizona

Escaping the winter that never ends in the upper midwest, I took flight to Phoenix to visit my BFF last weekend.  Phoenix…where jackets aren’t needed, pedicures are mandatory, and the sun is always shining.  It was a fun weekend that included catching up, learning how to play Bunco and of course…great food!

The BFF and I had a great gab session over lunch at Oregano’s while her husband was at work and “the boy” was at school.  We arrived promptly at 11:00 a.m. when they opened as it is a small place and known for the long lines.  We were seated in the patio section at a high top and soon the place was buzzing with conversation.

We decided to create our own pizza and went pretty standard with the pepperoni and sausage thin crust.  We decided to split a house salad to start the meal.  We ordered the small to split and it easily could have fed a family of four with some leftover (guess maybe that would be a family of five).  It was a fairly simple salad of greens, tomatoes, red onion, cheese, and croutons.  I got the blue cheese dressing which the BFF ended up preferring over her house dressing that she ordered.  It was very tasty – the only complaint was there was not a lot of tomatoes which would have been good.

The pizza arrived and was awesome!  It is billed as “chicago style thin” which I guess means cut into squares.  There is something deceiving about eating pizza squares.  Easier to track how many slices you’ve consumed but it’s easy to lose track with squares.  Oh well – it was a vacation weekend!  The crust was crisp with just the right amount of char here and there.  It was a little more salty than I normally like, but the overall taste and crunchiness of the crust more than made up for the salt.

The great news was that we ordered a medium so we’d have leftovers.  We had a few slices for breakfast the next morning.

I would highly recommend Oregano’s when in the Phoenix area.  There are a number of locations and now one close to my friend’s house.  I’m starting to get a list of “need to go to” restaurants when I’m in town including:  In ‘n Out, Rubio’s and now Oregano’s! 

Heading to Phoenix again for girl’s weekend with my other BFF next month.  More restaurants to review after that weekend for sure!

Happy Eating!


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