Burough and Parlour…Saturday Night in Minneapolis

The hubby and I had date night downtown and started it with a cocktail at Parlour before our dinner at Burough. 

The Parlour is located in the basement of the Burough restaurant.  It has a separate entrance, but you can also access it from the restaurant  We walked in and liked the atmosphere.  Dark wood at the bar, cozy chairs with low tables in some areas and high tops in others.  There was light streaming in from the street level windows to give it a nice ambience.  We picked a low table towards the back.  After reviewing their list of interesting cocktails I picked the Purple Crush which consisted of Harvest Organic Vodka, Lychee, Lemon, Crème Yvette, Seltzer, and Orange Bitters.  It was seriously one of the best drinks I’ve had in a long time.  I’m more of a wine drinker, but I could easily have had a few of those.  Alas, I only had one. 

The hubby went for the Buzz Around Town which was made up of G’Vine Nouaison, Apple Liqueur, Oolong Tea Honey, Lemon, and Orange Bitters.  He thought his was better than mine.  I thought his was fine, but I had to finish my Purple Crush before I could say that. 

After our drinks we made our way upstairs to the Burough restaurant.  The server was very good and after finding out we had been there before he tailored his spiel to the return customer.  It is clear he is definitely a professional and knows the restaurant biz.  He brought a basket of house made bread which had the most awesome flatbread as well as some other bread and butter.

We perused the menu and decided on two starters.  The cauliflower and the green beans.  When a different server brought our starters to the table and explained them he commented that they “weren’t your normal cauliflower and green beans.”  The cauliflower was fried and served with pickled chiles, oyster, caper berry, and parsley.  The green beans were sauteed and served with chermoula, house made yogurt and marcona almonds.  The result was outstanding!  The green beans were fresh and the yogurt was a nice touch to give a creamy, almost dip-like, sauce to go with them.  The cauliflower is listed as fried, but it seemed more roasted to me.  Either way…I could get used to eating cauliflower this way.

Next came the entrees.  The hubby ordered the Tofu which was served with rice noodles, peanuts, green onion, and a soft poached egg.  I understand from him that it was very tasty, but interestingly I am unable to give a first hand account.   

My entree was spectacular!  I went with the Chicken.  This dish used about every part of the chicken it could – and best part, no bones to pick around.  It came with a pan-seared breast on top of black beans, green chile puree and some other awesome sauce.  There was a smoked quesadilla which was made from thigh and wing meat in between two small flour tortillas topped with an overeasy fried egg.  A fried nugget of chicken leg meat was also included in the dish.  It was served with a “cornucopia of love” which was a cone shaped fried tortilla filled with fresh avocados, corn, tomatoes and onions topped with cojita cheese.  There was something for everyone in this dish.  I think the best part of it was the cornucopia side and the chicken breast.

We decided not to have dessert at the restaurant and instead finished date night at the new Izzy’s in downtown.  Salted Caramel is my favorite and I should have had that as my regular scoop instead of the Izzy scoop.  My regular was chocolate chip.  It was the lowpoint of an otherwise great night out!

Happy Eating!


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